Telecommunication has always been an important need for Indonesian people. To connect over 220 million people spread around this vast archipelago has been a real challenge. Mobile services in particular, has stood out as the most effective solution. Recent data indicated that there were more than 60 million mobile phone users – and there's a potential growth of 110 to 120 million subscribers in the year of 2008-2016 – of which are most likely located outside Java. Thus operators are challenged to provide not just competitive pricing, but also quality services and wide coverage.

PT. BACH MULTI GLOBAL (BMG) is a modern and energetic company, fully equipped with professionals and advanced technology. Working together with telecom operators, we build Base Transceiver Station (BTS) towers to facilitate wireless communication between users in distant areas and the network.
We have provided premium products and services. Quality and satisfaction is our main concern.

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