HIMOINSA – Your industrial source of power generator

For you who happen to be running an industrial manufacture company and want to take things to the next level, HIMOINSA got you covered on your power plan needs. To meet the requirement of Industrial nowadays, HIMOINSA had a choice of multiple technologies. HIMOINSA laids a significant emphasis on long term needs of users with high reliability and durability of gensets.


HIMOINSA: The perfect generator to meet your actual requirements

HIMOINSA offers you three different products customized for your industry needs, it includes generator sets both diesel and gas.

Heavy Range – HIMOINSA’s heavy range of diesel generators is available from 670kVA-2.600kVA. It also comes in various configurations including container versions of 20′ and 40′ HC that can be equipped with different synchronisation systems, open skid, and with soundproofed canopies.

The company also offers a range of medium voltage generator sets such as protection and power switchgear products, synchronisers and power managers.

HIMOINSA’s medium-voltage range is designed to provide customers with reliable and high-performing products, which can be issued with medium voltage transformers or output depending on the needs of the site.

Industrial Range – In the industrial range (4kVA-800kVA) HIMOINSA offers a variety of prime movers and configurations. The low to mid-range is durable in all conditions and can be used for peak shaving, continuous power supply, or on standby for residential, commercial and industrial sectors.

Rental Range – HIMOINSA has recently introduced a rental range of generator sets. These sets are manufactured to withstand extreme environments including very high and low temperatures while still maintaining a high-quality acoustic performance.



HIMOINSA is characterized by a high-capacity power supply. It stands out due to its simple installation, its transportation-ready design, and its capacity to adapt to specific requirements in both power distribution and electronic management.

HIMOINSA combination of super quiet muffler and soundproofing help to reduce engine noise. The state of the art sound attenuated enclosures provides the lowest DB sound proof generators on the market today!