The New Coal Plant Field Map Will Give You Chills


The World has been relying on coal energy for years, and we don’t know how many coal plants have been planted under this very earth. Lately, the Carbon Brief released a map of coal plant deployment and the result could either amaze you or shake you off. Using data from CoalSwarm’s Global Coal Plant Tracker, the map shows the location of every coal plant planted in the world – planted, under construction, operating, and even retiring – from 2000 up through the present.

The map endlessly fascinates you by all the details and how you can control to the aspect and perspective you want to see, you can search by zip code, rotate, zooming in super close and get a satellite view. This is Indonesia, when I thought Indonesia has more than enough coal plants to contribute for gas emission, the fact shown that Indonesia still on the save zone, compared with its neighbor subcontinent countries from East Asia.


China is still leading as the largest coal plant in the world with Togtoh Power Plant that has just overtaken the Taichung Power Plant. Located in China’s Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, broke the record after two of its 660MW units finished the 168-hour trial and were then put into service on Saturday. The power plant generated 339 billion kilowatt hours (kWh) in 2016, accounting for 30 percent of all power consumption in Beijing. The plant also converts 17 million tonnes of coal into clean energy each year.

China, along the east coast of China sea down to the south coast of China sea, there are up to 70 coal plants operate

Thanks to an increased focus on environmental protection the plant has managed to achieve lower emissions in recent times, cutting 40,200 tonnes of nitrogen dioxide emissions by July 2014 due to the denitration of 10 of its generating units.